Most Useful Social Networking Sites for Businesses

This is the list of most popular social networking sites from my Digital Marketing Workflow that i think should be part of every digital marketers and SEO Professionals toolkit. Whether you are increasing your website authority or want to rank higher in search engines, these Social Media Sites should help you to reach countless users and increase your website traffic.

social media marketing for businesses

Top Social Networking Sites List

1. Facebook: Most Popular Social Networking site with with more than 2.2 Billion users. Working like a charm for advertisers with display and video advertising.

2. YouTube: Video Hosting Website owned by Google. Users and Corporate Media can upload and share videos where other viewers and users can like, rate, share and comment on those videos. Advertisers can show ads on youtube by linking their Google Adwords Account with Youtube.

Here is the Youtube Advertising Formats.

3. WhatsApp: Quickly send anything’s including voice, text. Video, images, graphics messages to your contacts easily with WhatsApp Security (end-to-end encryption). Currently more than 1500 million users are using WhatsApp Messaging App.

4. Facebook Messenger: Another instant messaging app by facebook available for both iOS and Android platform. You can use multiple accounts on this app to send message and files to a user. You can sign up for facebook messenger without having a facebook app.

5. WeChat: WeChat is a multipurpose general social media and messaging application primarily based in china. It has currently more than 1000 billion of active users. It is one of the most powerful standalone messaging apps as per forbes magazine.

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6. Instagram: This is a feed based social media application owned by Facebook. User can upload photos and video by tagging them and share location information with other users and followers. Currently it has the global alexa rank of 16 in the top most website.

7. Twitter: Twitter is news and social media website headquartered in America. It is a great tool for business. You can post messages called “tweets” where you can include links, images and video to promote online. While twitting you post, you can use “hastags” within your post to reach out more visitors.

8. Reddit: An American social media site where post get featured as per user votes, ratings and comments. It has a global alexa rank of 17.

9. Linkedin: Multilanguage social networking sites where businesses and employers can reach users through their company page or posting a job. Currently there are more than 300 million active users on Linkedin.

10. Pinterest: A great tool to pin images. Businesses can create pinboards to display their porducts.

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