On Page SEO: 7 Top Tips for a Perfectly Optimized Page

on-page seo

On Page SEO sometimes called On-Site SEO is the technique to optimize each page on a website.

On-Page SEO involves practices to improve both the content and the HTML source code of the page.

In this guide we will help you with some awesome On Page SEO checklist strategies to optimize your website pages individually.

These tips will help you to write great content and engage more with your visitors.

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7 On-Page SEO Checklist

✅ Set an user friendly URL

Try to include the main keywords of your content to the url. Also always make your url short and user friendly. Search engines loves this url “www.example.com/how-to-create-a -blog” more user friendly than this one “www.example.com/p?=123” .

✅ Set your main target keyword

Finalize your main target keyword about the content. And don’t forget to include the main keyword in your url, title, main heading tag and in between the first paragraph of your post.

✅ Write an eye catchy title

Your title will make a huge impact on user engagement on your post. In case of title try to make it eye catch by including; Capital letters, Numbers and Modifiers(Best, TOP, Awesome, etc.) in your title.

✅ Add related keywords

Try to add related keywords in your post content. For example; for the keywords HTML you can use related keywords like; tutorial, quiz, code and etc.

✅ Properly use heading tags

Use H1 tag on your first and major heading. And H2 tags in your sub headings.

✅ Alt tag must for images

When include Images in your post always use ALT tags in your image. Alt tags help your image to crawl by search engine. It will help in optimizing your overall site content.

✅ Properly use internal links

Internal linking is one of the major things you should focus on to improve your On-Page SEO. Internal linking helps search engines to understand your content and make a relation between them.

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