7 Cool Blog Posting Tips [2018 Updated]


Are you new to blogging? If yes then you might be struggling with writing your blog posts. Here in this guide we will tell you 7 cool Blog Posting Tips that will help you to get more visitors to your blog.

Blog Posting Tips: Step by Step

1. Title

First and the most important part of your blog post is the Title. Your post title should be eye catchy. It means, you need to make the post title interesting to the user.

You can try Adding Numbers, Capital Letters, Brackets and Related Keywords.

Here you can check one of my post on twitter marketing tips with an eye catchy title: 5 Cool Tips: Right way of doing Twitter Marketing

2. Paragraphs in your Blog Post

Your first paragraph of your blog post is very much important to the readers and also for the search engines.

Into the first paragraph of your post try to be clear with the "outcome" & "benefits" of reading the post.

Don't try to make your paragraphs lengthy. Rather you can build your paragraphs using small and easily understandable sentences.

3. Heading Tags

Properly using heading tags can make an huge impact on your post.

H1, H2 & H3 are the three most important heading tags that are mostly used within a blog post. Always try to include the top priority keyword in your H1 tag and the the related keywords in H2 and then less important ones in H3 tag.

4. Proper Image Usage

Using images in your post is a very big factor for SEO and to keep maintaining your user interest.

But you need to use only related images which actually make sense to your post.

Also never forgot to add ALT tags in your images which is one of the important feature of your on-site SEO.

5. External Links

Try to add at-least one external link in your post. But make sure the external link must be pointed to a trusted or authority domain.

6. Promote your Post

After doing all the things to create an awesome post its time to promote your articles to get more visitors.

You can share your post on popular social media channels, bookmark your post to Social Bookmarking sites and can also ask other bloggers to link to your post.

7. Engage with Visitors

The final thing is to engage with your visitors.

Let your visitors comment on your post and in reply you can answer to their questions which will helps to create a bond of trust between you and your visitors.

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