Top 3 Facebook Security Features to Protect Your Account Getting Hacked

facebook security features

Facebook is currently one of the most popular social networking sites to connect with our friends and followers. Every day we post photos, videos and upload our status on Facebook. And sometimes we may share our private information with thousands of people online on social networking sites. We are not aware of their identity and also not about where they are coming from. But most of them don’t care too much about these things and regularly post on facebook for our personal interest.

Facebook security is very much essential for each user nowadays. Your information on facebook might get leaked if you are not taking enough steps to secure your account and making it hack proof.

Here is a quick guide that will help you to understand about facebook account security and apply security settings on your account.

1. Strong Password

A strong password is very much necessary to keep your Facebook account safe.

Use numbers, letters and special characters in your password to make hard to guess or crack using any hacking tools. Choose a long password (at least 8 characters) and never use the same password for any other accounts.

2. Notification Alerts

With this security feature you can get alert for unauthorized login on your facebook account. Facebook will remember your device, location and browser details and alerts you whenever there is any new device or application trying to access your account.

3. Two-factor Authentication

The strongest level of security is two-factor authentication. Facebook has the two-factor authentication feature and when you turn it on you will get OTP to login into your account. There are various methods to activate two factor authentications to receive OTP codes but the most popular one is through text messages into your mobile number.

You can activate two-factor authentication from Settings > Security and login > Two-factor authentication.

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