Real meaning of SEO

You might have searched in many places about the real meaning of SEO. But you didn’t get the right guide or solution to your problem. No worry! I will guide you in short about the right way of doing Search Engine Optimization.

real meaning of SEO

First of all let me tell you that SEO is not just building tons of links on thousands of sites. Before heading into link building I will suggest you to get involve with social media actively. Because SEO is all about engaging with your visitors & followers.

How To Engage With People

Now a days engaging with people is very wimple. There are many popular social media platforms like; twitter, facebook, linkedin & many more where you can post and share helpful content regularly. Try to get involve with people actively. Monitor their interest, hobbies, likes & dislikes for couple of days. Then try to post things based on their need. Following this strategy will help you to reach people who actually interested in your content.

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