Do's and dont's of .EDU link building

We all are super excited to build .EDU links for our website because they are loved by the search engines and will help a site to build authority backlinks quickly.

But do you know there are many process to .EDU link building?

And there are some do's and dont's that need to be followed while building .edu links to get ultimate results.

Here in these guide we will help you with a quick and short guide for .edu link building process.


The most effective technique that will give you long term results is the resource page linking. And here are some search term you can use for .edu resource page link search. yourkeyword + inurl:resources yourkeyword + inurl:library yourkeyword + inurl:links

Another method you can try is profile linking. And here is the search term that you can use on google to search for profiles. "alumni profiles"

There are some university blog, forum or communities which allow readers to share there views, posting on blogs, share research and articles. If you are able to find those links then it will be a jumping joy for you. But, these types of links are not easy to find or even if you find it needs quality writing techniques to post on those pages.


Most of the people has been seen building low quality .edu backlinks but, you need to know that these links not going to give any value to the sites and also not to the search engines. These types of poor links just waste of your time and money.

Remember, In the field of SEO Steady and Slow always win the race.

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